Car Washing. Anti-Rain coating. Washing the car engine and bottom. Interior dry cleaning.

We provide a full range of car wash services for a most demanding car owner. 

Range of services — from technical car washing without drying to the VIP package including as follows: body wash, contactless washing, manual washing, waxing, air blowing of a body, drying of a body, washing and drying doorways and trunk apertures, washing rubber mats or dry cleaning mats with pile coverage, bleaching wheel rims, tyres blacking, cleaning exhaust pipes, degreasing body, applying a body protective layer (a specific composition is selected on site depending on the various tasks, the condition of the paintwork, operation period and the total budget), comprehensive cleaning of an interior, a trunk, washing car windows and mirrors, application of a protective composition on leather seats and plastic panels to prevent cracking and fading of the interior in the sun.

We recommend the application of Anti-Rain Coating on glass  A long lasting hydrophobic coating on glass. Applying the composition to the glass surface prevents the formation of a water film. When driving at speeds of 80 km/h or higher, the droplets formed easily come off the glass, capturing dirt particles, and the glass remains clean for a long time.

Our Tech Center provides a service of washing the car bottom and engine from top and bottom using a hoist. Highly effective degreasing compounds and hot water are used in this process.

This service in simplified form is required for as follows:

  • elimination of negative consequences of car operation in winter conditions: (from a creak in a suspension to failure of various pieces of equipment and mechanisms installed on the car bottom)
  • as a necessary step in the repair of a vehicle when eliminating various leakages. (initially it is necessary to determine the source of the leak, and as a final stage of repair to transfer the vehicle without consequences of failures). 

Interior dry cleaning — deep cleaning of all interior coatings. Special cleaning agents are selected for each type of material.

Cleanliness of the interior is a guarantee of health for a car owner!

The car interior is highly susceptible to soiling and the accumulation of allergens that adversely effects the immune system, in particular, the child’s immunity.

We use advanced technologies and the most effective detergents which are safe for all car interior materials. Our specialists are regularly trained and are constantly improving their skills to provide the best available service to you.

More information and data on the cost of services may be obtained as well as the time of visiting the service may be confirmed by the following phones: 

+375(29)306-09-09 А1

+375(33)306-09-09 МТС


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