Replacement and repair of plastic body parts, car interior and exterior

Plastic is used to make a wide variety of the car parts: bumpers, body decorative elements, molding parts and parts of the interior.

Different types of plastic are used for the production of plastic car elements: polycarbonate, polyurethane, fiberglass, polypropylene and others. Our specialists have sufficient qualification to determine what kind of plastic was used for each specific part of a car, have the necessary materials and tools, are experienced in the technology of body repair of parts made of different plastics.

In some case, when the plastic is badly damaged, it is not possible to restore plastic parts. In this case, a damaged car plastic part needs to be replaced with a new one.

The bumper is the most damage-prone car body part. This body part is extremely easily damaged: scuffs, cracks, dents, a through breach or a complete rupture.

We have sufficient qualification and experience to restore a bumper or other plastic part to its original shape.

More information and data on the cost of services may be obtained as well as the time of visiting the service may be confirmed by the following phones: 

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