Glasses replacement

Necessary conditions to achieve a quality result:

  • Correct selection of car glass using the manufacturing plant’s configuration sheet for each specific vehicle.
  • Preliminary control of configuration of a new glass with necessary accessories, for example a rear view mirror mount, rain and light sensors (if available), pads for driver assistance cameras, connectors for connection of electric heating elements, etc.
  • Compliance with all nuances in the process of dismounting and bonding a glass, including the use of special tool-kit, as well as quality materials.

Poor quality windshield replacement on a car may result in leakage, inoperable heating, misting, spontaneous destruction of the glass in the process of operation, malfunctioning of a number of sensors, as well as incorrect operation of the driver assistance systems.
SauberAuto Tech Center possesses experience, highly skilled professionals, uses modern equipment and the latest technologies in the field of glass repair and replacement to achieve perfect results.

More information and data on the cost of services may be obtained as well as the time of visiting the service may be confirmed by the following phones: 

+375(29)306-09-09 А1

+375(33)306-09-09 МТС


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